Dr. Daphne Ang

Dr. Daphne Ang

Veterinary Surgeon

BPharm (Sydney) BVSc (Hons)(Sydney)

Dr. Daphne Ang obtained her degree in Veterinary medicine from the university of Sydney in 2007. Prior to that, she was a licensed pharmacist working at a major local hospital.

She enjoys all aspect of Veterinary medicine but realised through the years of practice that animals are euthanised or have their welfare and healthcare compromised due to behaviour-related issues.

Having a soft spot for fearful and aggressive animals prompted her to explore how she can improve their quality of care and provide a positive clinic experience.

She went on to pursue a distant-learning course (University of Sydney) on Behavioral Medicine with Dr. Kersti Seksel and the ISFM Advanced course on Feline behavior.

She is Fear-free certified and to stay current with evidence-based practices, she attends conferences and does attachments with board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the USA.

She hopes that Veterinary Medicine can be practiced in a compassionate and low-stress environment, and helping owners build strong and meaningful bonds with their pets. She believes that education in this area is lacking and more can be done to improve the mental and emotional health of an animal.

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