Gigi Chow

Gigi Chow

Veterinary Receptionist

Gigi is a recent graduate of Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture.

She has always had a love for animals. Growing up in an animal-loving family and there would always be at least one animal in her house. She owns a dog, Harley, which she loves dearly. Using the skill that she has learnt from her past experiences in pet shops, she grooms and takes care of Harley's overall well-being. She is always willing to learn more when it comes to animals.

Her love for animals does not stop at just domestic animal. She loves marine animals too! She is a scuba diver. She used to work in the S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa where she talks to the guests and teach them more about marine animals, habitats and conservation. Seeing the marine animals in the aquarium allows her to appreciate their beauty from outside the water.

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