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A lost pet is every paw parent’s worst nightmare. The best way to ensure that your cat or dog returns home safely is with a microchip. At United Veterinary Clinic, we use ISO vet grade microchips to ensure your pet comes home again.

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping can be stressful and a challenge for you and your pets. It is an essential aspect of good husbandry to prevent breaks, tears, nail avulsions injuries, ingrown nails, nail bed infections, and pain or discomfort. United Veterinary Clinic is here to assist you with trimming your pet’s nails safely.

Tips to safely clip nails:

  • Clip only the hooked end of the nail, avoid the quick which is the sensitive portion with blood vessels.
  • Stop any bleeding with styptic powder.
  • White nails are easier to trim as the blood vessels are more prominently visible.
  • Avoid using blunt clippers.

Anal Gland Expression

We perform normal anal gland expression for all pets when required.

Anal glands are glands located inside the anus which normally produces a material used by animals to bring a unique smell and identity to their stools.

In some cases, these glands can get impacted and infected. Most pets will exhibit signs of discomfort, including biting, scooting and twirling of their behinds. Early identification and rectification of the issue can prevent these problems from getting worse.


Nutritional Advice

We are what we eat! Similar to us humans, nutrition plays a pivotal role in the overall health and well being of our pets.

United Veterinary Clinic is happy to help provide you with nutritional counseling to achieve optimum nutrition to complement your pet’s needs. Diets are tailored according to factors such as age, breed, activity level and intensity, and pre-existing medical conditions.

Veterinary Grade Prescription diets United Veterinary Clinic carries:

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