Ear Tests

Ear Tests

At United Veterinary Clinic, we perform various ear tests to diagnose the underlying cause of your pet’s ear problems. You may expand on the following headers for more information on each test.

Ear cytology (click to read more)
What is ear cytology?

Ear cytology is the examination of a thin layer of discharge samples from the ears under the microscope to identify parasites, yeast, and bacteria.

How is ear cytology performed?

Fresh samples are taken separately from each ear. To assess for parasites (most commonly ear mites in cats), smear the discharge on the slide, add a couple of drops of mineral oil. Examine the sample under a microscope for the mites.

Another sample is then smeared, heat-fixed and stained with special dyes and examined under the microscope to identify cells, bacteria, and yeast.

What are the diagnostic benefits of ear cytology?

Ear cytology allows for the detection of mites, bacteria or yeast, this will enable the vet to decide on the appropriate treatment plan.

Ear Culture & Sensitivity
An ear culture and sensitivity allow for the identification of the bacterial strain present and the antibiotics needed to eradicate the infection.

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